Delivering sunlight indoors, the PERFEKTBeam2 provides lighting that is indistinguishable from the sun. Using time of day and geographic information, PERFEKTBeam2 synchronously changes color temperature throughout the day to match sunlight.

The breakthrough lighting technology behind this innovation is PERFEKTLight; a patent pending core technology for tunable white LED fixtures. Using a combination of cool white, warm white and green LEDs, PERFEKTLight corrects hue errors inherent to other tunable white technologies. Maintaining a position on the Blackbody line across the full color spectrum, PERFEKTBeam2 provides a high CRI (95 to 98) while automatically adjusting the color temperature between 2700K and 6000K over the course of the day.

With an integrated PERFEKTDay controller, the PERFEKTBeam2 arrives synchronized to local time-of-day and provides a set-and-forget ease of use integration. During the twelve hour “PERFEKT” day, dimming can be adjusted via a standard 0 – 10 volt interface.

Key Features


  • Matches sunlight’s spectral distribution
  • Corrects hue errors across the entire CCT range
  • Automatically adjusts CCT throughout the day
  • Provides a 12 hour “PERFEKT” day
  • Simplified set and forget electronics
  • 4-ft, 8-ft and 12-ft length options
  • Designed and manufactured in America

Quick Specifications

CCT Range:  2700K to 6000K
Color Deviation:  Less than 0.001 Duv
Lumen Output:  2100 to 2400
CRI:  95 to 99
Beam Angle:   70° FWHM
Lens:  Diffused
Dimmable:  Continuous down to 1%
Onboard Dimming:  0 – 10V
Fixture Dimensions:  48″, 96″, 144” L x 2″ W x 3.3″ H
Weight:  5 lbs
Certifications:  UL
Environmental:  Damp
Warranty:  5 years


PERFEKTBeam2 Suspended – Suspended Data Sheet
PERFEKTBeam2 Recessed – Recessed Data Sheet
PERFEKTBeam2 Color Quality – Application Note

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