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Prolume builds LED light fixtures with meticulous attention to detail. Every component is designed, developed
and produced to meet the most exacting standards.  Custom light fixtures available upon request.

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D elivering sunlight indoors, the PERFEKTBeam2 provides lighting that is indistinguishable from the sun.  The tunable white technology inside PERFEKTBeam2 is PERFEKTLight®.  PERFEKTLight corrects hue errors, maintaining a position on the black body curve across the full color spectrum.  PERFEKTBeam2 provides a high CRI (95 to 98) while automatically adjusting the color temperature between 2700K and 6000K over the course of the
day.  *Monochromatic option coming soon.

CCT Range: 2700K to 6000K Lumen Output: 2100 to 2400
Color Deviation: Less than 0.001 Duv Beam Angle: 70° FWHM
CRI: 95 to 99 Lens: Diffused
Dimmable: Continuous down to 1% Fixture Dimensions: 48” L x 2″ W x 3.3″ H

Prolume LED Light Collection

Wall Mount & Pendant

Custom LED Lighting Solutions

Custom LED Product Design

Prolume customizes lighting fixtures to the inch meeting lighting designers’ specific needs.  Products include indoor and outdoor low-voltage linear LED fixtures for cove, landscape, hand-rail or step and path lights. Hundreds of successful projects demonstrate that our team of engineers and lighting designers can solve the most complex lighting applications.

Installation Gallery

Hundreds of successful lighting installs give our clients confidence their project(s) will remain on-schedule and maintenance free.

News, Events & Product Highlights

Prolume Custom System Dazzles at NYC St. Nicholas Church on Eve of 9/11
Prolume Delights Retail Store Owners with Beautiful LED Lighting

Prolume Headquarters

Prolume moves global headquarters into a new 28,000 square-foot facility located in Randolph, Vermont. R&D, engineering and production are in close proximity ensuring all products are manufactured under the supervision of engineering, guaranteeing maximum flexibility and defect-free quality.

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Located in the northeastern United States since 1994, Prolume has State-of-the-Art R&D and production manufacturing capabilities.  Carefully guarded formulas for circuits, board design, cooling, Fidelity Index, Gamut index and optical combinations ensure impeccable light source quality for all Prolume LED lights.

  • Light Lab

    Optical testing & characterization includes IES file generation.

  • Machine Shop

    CNC capabilities to cut, grind, shear, form, and shape metal.

  • Automation

    Component placement systems and surface mounting assembly.

  • Assembly

    Skilled technicians doing full visual and functional inspections.

  • Testing

    On-Off cycling, On-Off thermal cycling and environmental (IP65).


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