Founded in 1994 Prolume provides custom lighting fixtures. Since advent of LED technology the company has focused on custom LED fixtures that resolve the most complex lighting challenges encountered by specifiers and architects. Prolume LED products are deployed in the most demanding applications within museums, churches, restaurants and upon bridges.

In January 2016, after twelve years of collaboration, LEDdynamics acquired Prolume. Leveraging LEDdynamics’ engineering design, and “made in the USA” manufacturing, Prolume offers innovative fixtures that are able to be quickly adapt to the most difficult lighting projects.


In January 2016, as a result of collaborating for over twelve years on numerous projects that focused upon new product development and custom LED fixtures, Prolume was acquired by LEDdynamics.  Furthermore, LEDdynamics is a privately held LED technology company that is located in Randolph, Vermont. Their LED linear fixtures are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Consequently, this Made in America offering provides them with a value and market differentiation in contrast to international solutions within the highly competitive LED marketplace.  Finally, by leveraging the core competencies of each organization, Prolume continues to offer innovative LED fixture solutions for the lighting industry.

As a result, their product portfolio is frequently selected as the optimum choice for illumination and they excel at assisting light specifiers to convert visions into reality.