Chromatour is synonymous with lighting variety and allows you to add color accents to any space. Set the tone of the room with a vibrant red, cool blue, energetic green, illuminating white or any mixture imaginable.  complemented by a proprietary diffused lens, Chromatour will create a soft neon like glow or light up a plane with a clean and crisp illumination. Housed in a small and efficient profile, Chromatour is easy to conceal in a cove or under a cabinet while sufficiently powerful to deliver the desired illumination. Constructed with LEDs from industry leaders and implementing a very tight binning process, Chromatour ensures consistency in color temperature and hue across the entire length of the fixture.

With either fixed or articulating mounting options available and the ability to daisy chain multiple fixtures to a single driver, Chromatour is an ideal solution for applications where lighting requirements are dynamic and illumination variety is desired.

Key Features


  • Made in America craftsmanship and quality
  • RGBW in customized fixture lengths
  • Ultra-low profile for seamless application integration
  • Fixed and articulating mounting options
  • Designed to work multiple control systems including DMX

Quick Specifications

Lumen Output:  44 to 464
CRI:  80+
Beam Angle:  90° & 115°
Lens:  Clear & Frosted
Dimmable:  Yes
Onboard Dimming:  No
Fixture Lenth:  6” min to 102” max
Incremental Length:  1″
Environmental:  Wet


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