Randolph, VT – November 03, 2021 – Prolume announced five new products at LightFair that incorporate PERFEKTLight Biodynamic Technology.  Prolume now offers ready to spec and ready to customize products: a 2” Linear Suspended luminaire, a 2’x2’ troffer, a 6” down light, a 4ft T8 tube replacement, and a floor lamp for supplemental lighting.  All products can be equipped with PERFEKTLight’s unique, flexible color tuning capability.

PERFEKTLight, a patent pending core technology, is a breakthrough for tunable white LED lighting.  It imitates the spectrum of sunlight to synchronize your circadian clock, promoting health and wellness.  PERFEKTLight is configurable into three types of lighting outputs:

  • Full Spectrum with exceptional CRI when visual requirements are the highest priority
  • Wide Range for use in circadian sensitive applications, with 2000K nighttime output
  • High Efficiency when energy conservation is paramount

“With these new configurable products, Prolume demonstrates that enhanced color tuning can meet the needs of facilities that want to take advantage of aesthetic and health benefits, but also take into account specific requirements” said Zachary Treamer, Director of Product Marketing. “All PERFEKTLight options, Full Spectrum, High Efficiency, and Wide Range deliver white light with a strict conformity to the black body curve.”

“PERFEKTLight can achieve exactly what the building occupants need throughout the day – interior lighting that matches sunlight coming through windows and skylights with appropriate spectrum to provide maximum alertness at midday.  At night even turning on ordinary LED lights has high potential to disrupt sleep by suppressing melatonin. PERFEKTLight, configured to 2000K and at low dim levels, preserves one’s ability to have a restful night’s sleep” added Kendra Paschall, VP Business Development.

Tunable white lighting products typically have inherent hue errors.  PERFEKTLight utilizes a combination of cool white, warm white, and green LEDs to create light from 2700K (or 2000K) to 6000K, maintaining a position on the black body curve to within 0.001Du’v’ (1SDCM or <1 MacAdam Ellipse).  In addition to exceptional black body conformance, it can deliver an extremely high CRI of 95 to 99, or Rf and Rg between 95 and 105.

Further defining features of PERFEKTLight are the full spectrum color content and Set & Forget Control.  Luminaires are set at the factory based on geographic location, enabling it to continually adjust the color temperature throughout the day and mimic the spectral power distribution of the sun.  Luminaries can be dynamically controlled using wall mounted switches, intuitive Android or iOS apps, and Alexa.  Through controls intensity levels can be manually over ridden, adjusted for a specific event, or programmed for intensity that varies throughout the day­.